The simplest, minimal payment system that allows creatives to get paid in Exposure. 📈👍

Get paid

1. Generate your payment link

Amount of money you want in Exposure:

Paypal user ID where the money will go to:

You only need to input the user ID part, your link will appear below the button.

2. Copy and paste the link on another tab for testing

You can try this link in another tab before you send it. It has to redirect to a checkout page with a button that redirects to your Paypal.me page including the amount you want in real currency. Your link is ready to send!

3. Send the link

Now your prospective "client" can pay you in Exposure that converts to real money. Thank you for using Exposure!

How it Works

Your paypal.me user ID works as your Exposure user ID (The one right after your link paypal.me/youruserID).

Just input your user ID along with the amount of money in Exposure the work is worth in money to generate a payment link. We handle the rest!

Exchange rate

Exposure's exchange rate is 1 Exposure = 1 unit of your selected Paypal currency. Forever.

Don't have a Paypal ID?

This is how you can get paid with a Paypal.me user ID

Exposure is built for creatives tired of dealing with the exchange rate of Exposure in potential projects and markets.

Simply send your paypal.me ID and the amount of Exposure you want to get paid to your client. Our redirection tool will convert your Exposure into real cash.

Something's wrong?

Then send them our preferred payment method:💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸


because C.R.E.A.M.

Accept only cold hard Exposure or cash. Ideally in advance...


We make nothing out of this but disrupt the Exposure market.

All work has to be financially compensated. The link is generated by a simple javascript script and we don't keep nor track any information about you or anything else. Everything done here never leaves your browser. In case of doubt, feel free to check the code here.

We have no association wit Paypal. Don't @ us.

Made by mimosa agency with parody intentions.

We advocate for the fair payment of labor in the commonly agreed terms between client and provider that allows the provider to live of their labor.